Thursday, September 10, 2009

APPROVE Referendum 71 on the Nov. 3rd Washington State ballot.

From Aberdeen to Zillah there are registered domestic partners in Washington State.

PFLAG-Olympia is one of the coalition partner organizations that endorses Washington Families Standing Together.

This coalition of community partners is committed to working together to protect Washington’s families and has formed a coordinated campaign to help keep the law from being repealed.

Opponents of civil rights for LGBT people in Washington State have qualified Referendum 71 for the November 3rd 2009 ballot. The referendum seeks to repeal the domestic partnership bill which was passed by our le
gislature and signed by the governor.

Now we will have to
VOTE Approve Referendum 71.

This election will be held with mail-in ballots only, and those will be mailed out in October. People will be mailing them back before November.

Please be sure you are registered (and your friends and family members are) and that you vote to APPROVE.

Please help us with this. When you talk to people, please say "Protect all Washington families and vote Approve on Referendum 71 to affirm to retain our recently passed Domestic Partnership law.

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Thank you!

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