Friday, September 17, 2010

Transguys Calendar

New charity project offers hope, support for the Transgender community

A new calendar project to benefit transgender men is currently under way – and they need your help! Born from one person’s desire to help her friend raise money for sexual reassignment surgery, the 2011 Transguys Calendar Project is a labor of love designed to provide financial assistance to transgendered individuals who need help funding sexual reassignment procedures.

The calendar will feature twelve gorgeous female-to-male models at various stages of transition. 100% of the proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to transgender individuals in need of financial assistance for medical costs associated with transitioning.

According to Project Coordinator, Maegan Beard, the goal is to raise at least $10,000 in the first year and to continue the effort annually to help as many people as possible. “Eventually we’d like to be able to expand the project to include an annual Transgirls calendar as well to benefit people transitioning from male to female,” Beard says. “My ultimate goal is to turn this project into a charitable foundation and provide a central resource for people looking for help with funding trans medical costs – everything from hormones to binders and other devices.”

Volunteers are already lining up for the 2012 edition, and in a few short weeks the project has garnered nationwide support from individuals, corporations, celebrities, and LGBT organizations. Calendar pre-orders and donations are currently being accepted through the group’s website, Advertising space on the calendar and website will contribute to printing costs, and sponsorship and volunteer opportunities exist for interested individuals and organizations worldwide.

Maegan Beard
113 Radford Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Ph: (828) 243-5350

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our PFLAG Candidate Forum on Sept. 12 was exciting. Candidates and some of their supporters pictured here are: Chris Reykdal (State Representative 22nd. District), Debbie Mealy (Sheriff), Steven Drew (County Assessor), Karen Valenzuela (County Commissioner #3), Shawn Myers (Treasurer), Hillary Hunt, representing her dad (Sam Hunt, 22nd District). Thank you to these candidates for taking the time to talk to our LGBTIQQTSA Community! And to the ones who marched with us at the Parade!!! Thanks to Gloria Aton for taking the picture.